We Care Team

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So how do we become visible and connected to one another? That is what the We Care Team is all about! Even though we come from all walks of life, the vast majority of us share the common capacity and willingness to care for each other. The power of caring for others has the potential to change whole communities.

Often because we are isolated from others, stereotypes and assumptions rule how we view each other. The We Care Team wants to break down those initial barriers by showing people we are all on the same team.

All we ask is that is for someone to complete the “I Care” form online or in person. Stating how they care for another person. The possibilities are endless but a few examples include shoveling a neighbors sidewalk, bringing meals to a sick friend/ neighbor, saying hello to neighbors etc. What is that you do to care for someone else?

After completing the card they receive a decal to put on their car, a pin, or a bracelet. This way as more “We Care” signs pop up, people realize we are all on the same team which may open doors for connecting with others who they may have ignored before.

As one way of caring for North Minneapolis we organize regular service outreaches to bless North Minneapolis.