Friendship House

Friendship Houses are homes built or renovated in vulnerable neighborhoods and lived in by CRGTC staff. The goal of these homes is that they would become neighborhood community centers that become safe and welcoming places for neighbors to gather throughout the year.

These homes are duplexes having one side  for the staff couple who coordinates the programming occurring in the other side of the house. The other half of the duplex is reserved for programming for adults, youth, children, and community members. During the day we would serve the adult population receive GED prep, life skills, parenting skills, tutoring, and college prep. The goal would be to have enough volunteers that this would be a one-on-one tutoring center for adults. In the afternoon we would serve the children and youth with quality after school programming and homework help. In the evenings the space could be used by community members to host events and meetings such as neighborhood meals, block meetings, or other trainings.

CRGTC aims to own each of the Friendship Houses in order to maintain consistency and build community even if the staff couple move. This ensures that once a house is known as a Friendship House it remains a community asset.

We currently do not have a Friendship House operating but are planning our first house for the Willard Hay neighborhood once we are able to purchase and renovate a home. Stay tuned for more information.

If you would like to donate to building the first Friendship House in Minneapolis click here.